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This piece is a character motif on the character Nicholas Rasmussen who is a lonely old male sailor. The piece was created in GarageBand and aims to capture the moody and melancholy atmosphere of being alone at sea. The metre of the piece is four beats per bar and has a tempo is 70 beats per minute. The piece uses dynamics to slowly introduce more instruments into the piece while keeping the slow and melancholy feeling. The melody is highly repetitious, due to the usage of loops and this also symbolises the repetitious sounding waves of the sea. The melody is overall smooth. The piece contains both consonance and dissonance due to the usage of loops that were designed to be used together and others which were not. The piece is in the key signature of C minor. The piece is structured into only one section that has instruments gradually be played alongside the melody. The piece is polyphonic and uses the following instruments: piano, harp, strings and synth. There is also a recorded sound of the ocean in the background.

Nicholas Rasmussen - Samuel Hardie
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Brook Dennis - Samuel Hardie
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Mason Marino - Samuel Hardie
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Rhian Yarwood - Samuel Hardie
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